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Handpoured soy candle in a  gorgeous Scotty Dog mug with pictures all around mug.



  • Golden Soy Candle
  • Reusable  China Mug.
  • Mug holds approx 310 mls
  • Stands 8 cm high.



Brazilian Nights.

Sultry, moonlit florals drift in rhythm with ambered sandalwood and dark cedar over creamy elements of tropical mango fruit, sugared nectrine, salted peach and spiced vanilla bean.

Teacup Candle - Candle in a Mug - Scotty Dog Mug - Soy Candle - Brazilian Nights

SKU: Scotty Dog Mug - Brazilian Nights
  • Soy Candles may vary slightly in colour due to being handpoured. 

    Wash mug in hot soapy water before using as a mug.

    Always remember to trim your wick after every use.

    This helps your candle burn for longer and keeps the flame at an acceptable height.

    Never leave a candle unattended or around young children.

    Think about where you place your candle in your house. 


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