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  • Does the flame affect the teacup?
    This question is often asked and the answer is no. Teacups are designed to have boiling water in them. Even if the teacup gets a bit of black from the wick it all washes out in hot soapy water.
  • Why is it important to trim your candle wick?
    You should trim your wick after every use. It helps your candle last longer. It keeps the flame lower. Also it prevents the flame getting too hot and possibily cracking the contanier. Helps prevent some of the blackness from the flame on inside of container.
  • Can I use the teacup candle as a teacup?
    Yes you certainly can. When finished burning your soy candle simple wash in hot soapy water. Run hot water over wick area to disolve glue holding the wick in place. Wick will then flick out. Wash in hot soapy water. Your teacup is then ready to use or display.
  • Can I refill teacup with a new soy candle?
    Yes contact me to arrange a refill soy candle with your choice of fragrance and colour. I will advise you on price at the time of your enquiry.
  • Do you do customised orders?
    Yes I do. Please contact me regarding any special fragrances and colours. I may not have exactly the same teacup as they are vintage and usually 1 ofs, but I can always come up with something similar that will suit your needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
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