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Indulge in the beauty of our Teacup Candle - Vintage - Soy Candle - Sheer Lily & Whit Rose.


This handmade soy candle comes in a reusable vintage teacup, saucer and plate, making it a perfect gift or addition to your home decor.


The apricot soy candle is infused with a delightful blend of Sheer Lily & White Rose fragrance, creating a sweet and floral aroma that is both soothing and uplifting.


Enjoy this unique teacup candle and make your space smell beautiful.

Teacup Candle - Vintage-Candle in Teacup - Soy Candle - Sheer Lily & White Rose

SKU: Trio-vintage-orange/gold-SheerLily&White
  • Soy Candles may vary slightly in colour due to being handpoured. 

    Wash teacup in hot soapy water before using as a teacup.

    Always remember to trim your wick after every use.

    This helps your candle burn for longer and keeps the flame at an acceptable height.

    Never leave a candle unattended or around young children.

    Think about where you place your candle in your house. 


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